When you first read the name of our blog site, your first reaction would be that it is just another site devoted exclusively to compiling and presenting quotes on Mother’s Day to its readers. In reality however, it is far different from this perception. While happymothersdayquotes2016.org does celebrate the thought and ethos about mothers and motherhood, it is not devoted exclusively to it. In fact, our team here goes into interpersonal relationships at various levels as an extension of Mother’s Day – Father’s Day, Siblings Day, Grandparents Day and even commemoration of various sections of society such as war veterans.

This is what makes our blog site so unique. We strive to go off the beaten track, away from our name solely reflecting Mother’s Day and be a site that welcomes any blog that might arouse curiosity and interest in our readers. Hence, a site that focuses on general blogs not related to any specific niche will adequately sum up our direction.

Since the whole world’s our stage, the success of our blog spot rests a great deal on contributions from the dedicated blogger. Any news, information, opinion or even trivia is will be well received by us. All that you as a writer have to do is to share your experiences with us.

A few examples from us will help you start off. Write in about an event or occasion that has moved you, either to tears of joy or of sadness. Or maybe you have been to a concert where a little known performer has impressed you so much that you feel that many others should be know about it. It is also possible that you have gone on a routine vacation and have discovered a place that is still undisturbed by heavy tourist footfalls and feel that others too should visit the place too.

There are so many possibilities. Anything that you feel will definitely arouse the inquisitiveness and attention of our readers will be accepted for publication on our site.

And yes, remember, if you do have Mother’s Day Quotes to share with our readers, please do so. We’ll only be too happy to receive them.